Veterinary practice manager who quit to become a professional honey farmer says her seven-year-old daughter is her beekeeping apprentice

23-Aug-21 – Veterinarian Daily News

National Honey Bee Day: These foods could disappear if pollinator populations continue to dwindle

21-Aug-21 – ABC News

Asian hornet: Record number of queens found in Jersey

20-Aug-21 – BBC

Stung by climate change: drought-weakened bee colonies shrink U.S. honey crop, threaten almonds

19-Aug-21 – Reuters

Glasgow uni spinout secures £1.3m funding to develop eco-friendly insecticides

18-Aug-21 – Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

'Nature-inspired' insecticides receive fund boost

16-Aug-21 – FarmingUK

Impact of pesticides on bees underestimated, finds study

06-Aug-21 – EndsReport

Study finds common insecticide harmful to bees in any amount

05-Aug-21 – FreshFruitPortal

Pesticides: interactions between agrochemicals increase their harm to bees

04-Aug-21 – TheConversation

Why Animals Recognize Numbers but Only Humans Can Do Math

30-Jul-21 – TheConversation

Bee scaffolding and bio heaters: New research reveals hidden beehive behaviours

27-Jul-21 –Science Focus

The insect apocalypse: ‘Our world will grind to a halt without them’

25-Jul-21 – The Guardian

‘Honeybees are voracious’: is it time to put the brakes on the boom in beekeeping?

24-Jul-21 – The Guardian

City’s first bee bus shelter opens in Hove

21-Jul-21 – Brighto and Hove News

Three Entrepreneurs in Botswana, Zambia, and Malawi Beat over 1,000 Applicants to Win Prestigious SEED Award

13-Jul-21 – Zawya

Game, set and match? Wimbledon's iconic strawberries and cream under threat unless urgent action taken, experts warn

03-Jul-21 – EssexLive

Sinn Féin councillor slams ‘petty politics’ delaying proposal ‘due to the wording North of Ireland’

02-Jul-21 – Armagi

Pesticide antidote might help struggling bees

01-Jul-21 – The Naked Scientists

Beeflow raises $8.3 million to save the bees AND put them to work

29-Jun-21 – TechCrunch

Meet the robot pollinators replacing the bees

23-Jun-21 – EngineerLive

Duchess of Cambridge reveals she's a beekeeper by bringing schoolchildren pot of her own honey

22-Jun-21 – ITV

Photographer Discovers a Pair of Sleepy Bees Snoozing in the Middle of a Flower

16-Jun-21 –

Busy bees welcome at Horsted Green Park

16-Jun-21 – Wealden District Council

Environment Bill: Protection for pollinators amendment welcomed by conservationists

16-Jun-21 – Ends Report

UK-Australia trade deal: Why environmentalists are worried about bee-killing pesticides and carbon emissions

15-Hun-21 – The Independent

Warning over lower pesticide standards as UK eyes Pacific free trade deal

09-Jun-21 – Times

Killer Asian hornets reach record levels in UK

08-Jun-21 – The Independent

Viral TikTok beekeeper sparks outrage over lack of safety equipment

04-Jun-21 – The Independent

Poots launches initiatives to protect pollinators | Newry Times

03-Jun-21 – Newry Times

Love wasps as much as bees - their venom can treat cancer - say scientists

01-Jun-21 – KentLive

Libyan patients turn to bee stings for pain relief

31-May-21 – Reuters

Bus stops for bees? How Leicester is boosting biodiversity 31-May-21 – ITV

Jersey bee population under increased threat from Asian hornets

27-May-21 – ITV

Bee disease confirmed in Perthshire

24-May-21 – Scottish Gov

Bee-killing pesticide treatment for fish farms backed by Scottish Government

21-May-21 – The Ferret

Manuka Honey - A honey trap

19-May-21 – Scottish Legal

Previously unseen Einstein letter reveals interest in navigation of migratory birds and bees

14-May-21 – Independent

Move over sniffer dogs: Bees could be trained to smell the coronavirus

12-May-21 – Chem Div

European Commission was right to ban dangerous pesticides

07-May-21 – Environment Journal

Bees in the Netherlands trained to detect COVID-19 infections

06-May-21 – Reuters

EU top court upholds ban on Bayer pesticides linked to harming bees

06-May-21 - Reuters

Thousands of bees die after vandals attack hive in Southampton

05-May-21 – ITV

Wasps 'could be just as valuable as bees if we give them the chance'

29-Apr-21 – Sky News

How to deal with hayfever, and take care of your wellbeing

29-Apr-21 – Happiful

What went right this week: Dutch bees buzz back, and more positive news

29-Apr-21 – Positive News

Let the lawn go wild this month and allow wildflowers to bloom, gardeners told

30-Apr-21 – The Independent

Wasps: why I love them, and why you should too

30-Apr-21 – Reaction Life

Chris Packham: Wildlife corridor project all about 'empowerment'

20-Apr-21 – ITV

Traps in place to capture Asian hornet queens in Guernsey

19-Apr-21 – ITV

Create a buzz about climate change in your school

19-Apr-21 – tes

M&S faces backlash over plan to release 30m honeybees

16-Apr-21 – The Guardian

Ancient pottery reveals the first evidence for honey hunting in prehistoric West Africa

14-Apr-21 – Science Daily

York bee innovator causes a buzz around the world

13-Apr-21 – TopicUK

Buzz for beehives in New York City

12-Apr-21 – Reuters

Wild in the city: Bee flies are fluffy, but not so cute

12-Apr-21 – Evening Standard

M&S to introduce 30 million bees on farms

12-Apr-21 – FarmingUK

Bees bounce back after Australia’s black summer: ‘Any life is good life’

10-Apr-21 – The Guardian

Bloom a Kiss, Save the Bees: Guerlain launches bee conservation social media campaign

09-Apr-21 – The Moodie Davitt Report

New parasitic wasp species discovered in Norway

07-Apr-21 – The Independent

Toxic impact of pesticides on bees has doubled, study shows

01-Apr-21 – The Guardian