The RHS need to know if you have this type of tree in your garden or local area

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How bees and drones team up to find landmines

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How is apivectoring innovating agricultural systems?

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Developing Varroa Resistant Bees: Steve Riley’s Guest Blog

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Neonic authorisation ‘was against expert advice’

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Making honey without bees and milk without cows

23-Mar-21 – BBC News

Beekeeper, 89, blasts CPS after it drops charges against three teenagers who were accused of destroying 30 hives

23-Mar-21 – Mail Online

Liquid gold: beekeepers defying Yemen war to produce the best honey

23-Mar-21 – The Guardian

After Almonds, The Beekeepers’ Enduring Race Begins

22-Mar-21 – BeeInformed

Honeybees run vaccination programmes, too

20-Mar-21 – The Economist

The Syrian beekeeper helping fellow refugees in West Yorkshire

18-Mar-21 – ITV

Jersey islanders asked to report Asian hornet sightings

17-Mar-21 – ITV

These biodegradable face masks turn into flowers when you plant them

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What Does The New Ruling On Oxalic Acid In Honey Mean?

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Angelina Jolie named ‘Godmother’ of bees in new humanitarian venture

08-Mar-21 - NME

Has China messed with your honey? How the country's 'blending' factories are now producing MORE honey than the world's bees

05-Mar-21 – Mail Online

Tory government U-turns on bee-killing pesticide plan after threat of legal action

03-Mar-21 – The Canary

Neonic seed treatment will not be used on 2021 beet crop

02-Mar-21 – FarmingUK

A common soil pesticide cut wild bee reproduction by 89% – here’s why scientists are worried

02-Mar-21 – The Conversation

Bee Farmer Turns Up the Heat with New Hot Fire Honey

02-Mar-21 – Business News Wales

Bringing nature to life at the home of Rolls-Royce

28-Feb21 – ProLandscaperMagazine

A quiet conservation success story, the likes of which aren’t told enough

26-Feb-21 – Positive News

Chemical detection triggers honey bee defense against a destructive parasitic threat

25-Jan-21 – Nature Chemical Biology

Plantwatch: fungus creates fake fragrant flowers to fool bees

17-Feb-21 – The Guardian,from%20Guyana%20in%20South%20America.

 Bee keeper stung by Brexit rules

16-Feb-21 – ITV News

 Scientists explain why plant diversity is crucial for bee conservation

10-Feb-21 – Open Access Government

 A pair of skydivers play CATCH in freefall - with a jar of honey

09-Feb-21 – Yahoo News

 Canadian Solar gets the buzz about bees

09-Feb-21 –

 Old drug is new weapon against tsetse flies

04-Feb-21 – The Naked Scientists

 Virtual beekeeping is buzzzing in 2021

04-Feb-21 – Country Living

 The Wildlife Trust challenges ‘unlawful’ use of killer pesticide

03-Feb-21 – Environment Journal

 Brexit: 15 million baby bees could be seized and burned over ‘monumentally stupid’ rules

02-Feb-21 – The Independent

 Flowering inferno: Beekeeper says imported bees could be burned due to Brexit rules

02-Feb-21 – The Mail

Wildlife Trusts mulls legal action after neonic authorisation

28-Jan-21 – FarmingUK

The Wildlife Trusts explore legal challenge to Government decision to allow emergency use of neonicotinoid

27-Jan-21 – The Wildlife Trusts

UK needs “actions, not words”, argues Labour as environment bill delayed

26-Jan-21 – Labour List

The Bolivian couple saving honey bees from coca deforestation

25-Jan-21 – Reuters

Quarter of known bee species have not been recorded since 1990

22-Jan-21 – The Guardian

Plan Bee: How Labour is seeking to protect Britain’s pollinators

22-Jan-21 – Labour List

EU lawmakers raise concerns about UK 'regression' on pesticides

19-Jan-21 – edie

Defra approves emergency authorisation of neonicotinoid

09-Jan-21 – FarmingUK

The hidden symbols you may have missed in the Bridgerton costumes

08-Jan-21 – Cosmopolitan

Buzzing with excitement! Israeli biologists discover new bee species

08-Jan-21 – Jewish News

Powys Honey Producer One of the Fastest Growing Businesses in Wales

07-Jan-21 – BusinessNewsWales

Cellnutrition Health Introduces Promising New Vaccine and Immunotherapy

06-Jan-21 – Pharmiweb

Online beekeeping business buzzes towards £2m turnover

06-Jan-21 – The Business Desk

Honeybee venom as cure of cancer

05-Jan-21 – Kashmir Reader

Big bumblebees ‘learn spots of best flowers’

28-Dec-20 – Express and Star

Studies Find Cannabis Can Help Dwindling Bee Population

21-Dec-20 – Trill

Virus yellows having 'unprecedented impact' on sugar beet, NFU warns

12-Dec-20 – FarmingUK

Honey bees use animal poo to repel giant hornet attacks

09-Dec-20 – The Guardian

Pesticides: EFSA to examine emergency use of neonicotinoids

08-Dec-20 - Embio Diagnostics

Asian honeybees 'defend hives from hornets with faeces'

10-Dec-20 – BBC

Pesticide takeover spells trouble for bees

03-Dec-20 – The Ecologist

Impact of Covid-19 on Natural Bee Honey Market 2020-2025 Study & Future Prospects

03-Dec-20 – Cheshire Media

England’s national parks are doing a ‘shocking’ job at protecting nature, campaigners say

02-Dec-20 – iNews

How Coronavirus Pandemic Will Impact Apiculture Market Size, Trends, Scope & Challenges To 2026

26-Nov-20 – Cheshire Media

Martin Down Farmers are the Bees’ Needs for Pollinators

26-Nov-20 – Stackyard

Twelve farmers hailed by Defra for bee-boosting efforts

24-Nov-20 – FarmingUK

Progress: Beekeeper Joe Harper reveals how his vitamin honey slayed a dragon

12-Nov-20 – Metro

Follow Sarah Beeny's ambitious renovation project with new Channel 4 series

08-Nov-20 – MSN

Project: Bees and Refugees

06-Nov-20 – The Badger

Jeremy Clarkson says bees 'hate' him as he is stung on the bottom

05-Nov-20 – Yahoo Finance

Free Mental Health Sessions to NHS Heroes

05-Nov-20 – BusinessNewsWales

Defra launches the Healthy Bees Plan 2030 to help protect honey bees

03-Nov-20 – UK Government

Prisons: The good, the bad and the ugly - YO ‘Bee Club’

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Beyonce owns 80,000 bees

01-Nov-20 – MSN