Chairman’s Chatter

Chairman's chatter Feb 2016

I hope everyone has made their bee plans for 2016 and purchased extra beekeeping equipment in the winter sales. I have been cleaning all my spare bee equipment in the hope that I will be busy in a few months time. In a bid to be free of EFB we have been busy at the association apiary burning old frames and cleaning equipment. We will wait to have the seasonal bee inspector visit and then shook swarm all the hives. If you have any spare time please come and join us on the working party dates.

The beekeeping season has begun - here in the south the queens are only out of lay for a very short period. The days are now getting longer and I am sure my queens are laying a few frames of brood. The old bees are under a huge amount of stress and they are munching stores to produce energy and heat to keep the brood warm and feeding the young larvae pollen (protein) required for growth. Please heft your hives regularly and if in any doubt put a kilo of fondant and a kilo of pollen substitute on - this will avoid starvation. Also remember if it rains the bees cannot get out and collect nectar and fresh pollen which is so important for healthy brood.

We have made a few changes this year to Bee Banter. We have decided to go back to having one bee banter a month but alternating the pub venue. So the next Bee Banter is on 23rd February at The Rose and Crown in Mayfield then 29th March at The Crow And Gate near Crowborough. We can review this again in the future. Malcolm will bring a selection of bee books from the library. You can also look on the website and see the list of books we have and request to borrow a specific book.

Keep checking the website for events at our two apiary sites. This year we will be attempting several methods of queen rearing (yet again!). There are also some interesting open apiary visits to attend. Open apiary visits are a chance to visit members' apiaries which can be great for picking up tips on how to improve your beekeeping as we all do things in slightly different ways which makes beekeeping so interesting.

Can I please ask that you inform Rose Marie if you wish to attend any events - this helps us plan refreshments.

Helen Hadley

This is my first year as chairman and the committee has been working hard to organise events which we hope all our member will participate in. Our aim is to provide interesting , fun events covering all aspects of beekeeping for beginners and improvers.

Please keep checking events for what’s going on so you don’t miss out and please join us.

We will run our usual beginners course at our Cherry Gardens apiary. This runs throughout the beekeeping season. For the improvers we are running a Queen Rearing Group and hope to be able to raise local queens, best suited for our environment.

New this year we are offering a Taster Beekeeping Day, for anyone interested in bees. This will be held at our Rotherfield Apiary and will be a fascinating days insight into the world of bees and beekeeping.

We continue with our informal, friendly, social, bee banter evening meetings held on the second Thursday of the month at The Crow & Gate Crowborough and the last Tuesday of the month at The Rose and Crown Mayfield, where you can meet other beekeepers and ask any beekeeping questions. (Please see Events Page for up to date information on events)

We will be attending the Heathfield show, Framfield village show, Horam fun day and Crowborough fair.

Finally we would like to invite all our members to a BBQ on 18thJuly at our Rotherfield Apiary, a friendly social event to chat and share any problems or successes around beekeeping.

We welcome any suggestions for future events and wish all our members and friends a happy successful beekeeping year.

Helen Hadley