Buxted Village Fete

Buxted Village Fete and HWBKA's participation was a great success.
The last Buxted Fete was sometime ago in 2009, however the newly invigorated organising committee did a really great job; there were many exhibits and the event was very well attended.

We had a prime spot near the entrance, and Rosie and I were truly inundated the whole time.
The Observation Hive was a real draw, and drew people in like bees to honey ........ and the taster pots also drew bees in like bees to honey.  However, no one panicked and no one got stung. It was in fact a great way to demonstrate to folks how gentle bees are when people aren't flapping their arms about.
Talking of honey, 26 jars were bought by the Buxtodians.
We also had lots of folk expressing serious interest in keeping bees and in doing courses with HWBKA.

The stars of the show are now tucked up in their winter residence, for a well deserved feed, and a rest.

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