2022 – AGM and Honey Show

We are looking forward to seeing you at this year's AGM and Honey Show which is being held at 2:00pm on Sunday 27th November (doors open at 1:30pm) at Five Ashes Village Hall.

In order to manage numbers, it would be helpful if you could fill in the online registration form by clicking on this link:

There will be the following classes in the Honey Show:

1 - Clear Honey - (1 Jar. Plain, no labels)
2 - Set Honey - (1 Jar. Plain, no labels)
3 - Cut Comb - (1 piece. Plain pot, no labels)
4 - Novice - (1 Jar of Clear or Set Honey. Plain, no labels - For beekeepers who have never won a 1st or 2nd in a Honey Show)
5 - Cakes
6 - Biscuits and Confectionery
7 - Preserves and Mead
8 - Dipped Candle
9 - Moulded Candle
10 - Any other Wax, Pollen or Propolis Product - (Including Household or Cosmetic products)
11 - Hive or Beekeeping Item - (Handmade by the entrant)

If you would like to enter for any of these classes it would be extremely helpful if you could fill in the online application form at this link: