The 2018 Beginners Course

The 2018 Beginners Course

the_class_2018"The Class of 2018"

This year, in March 2018, 22 beginners started the course. 17 completed the full course and now have bees. Several of them now having more than one colony.

The new format reduced the number of sessions. There are now eight sessions and these vary in length according to the time of year. One of those sessions was our bee Safari and this gave all beginners opportunity to see different sized colonies and discuss different solutions for those colonies.

One of the biggest differences this year was a system of bee buddies. Beginners were introduced to their buddy in late April and experienced members of our association have really helped the beginners to get to grips with the difficulty of keeping bees. I thank and congratulate those experienced members for all their hard work.

A big thank you as well to members who stepped in as tutors during our sessions. I know some of our best beekeepers are busy people and they have to make a sacrifice to spend a Saturday afternoon away from their own bees. I can call on tutors who are able to demonstrate different ways of keeping bees and that is a privilege. I hope that all my beginners now realise that there are lots of different ways of solving some of the problems that crop up and that even management of the bees can radically vary from one beekeeper to another.

A particular thank you to Keith who has such a vast amount of knowledge to share with everybody. Thank you to Steve Davies who has done wonders with the equipment at the Association apiary. And finally a thank you to Helen and Deborah when we did the honey extraction.

Malcolm Wilkie (training officer)

Below are comments and links to testimonials from some of the students:

We really enjoyed the beginners course and wouldn’t even recommend even thinking about getting bees without enrolling. - Jo & Rob

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I would suggest it to anyone interested in becoming a beekeeper. - Daniel

I have so look forward to my Saturdays. - Nicola

A big thank you to Malcolm for running the course and making it such fun. - Mark

I would definitely recommend doing the course. - Fiona

Attending the HWBKA beginners course has been enormously rewarding. It’s good to feel part of a group when embarking on this new but rather scary venture. - Kate

The support within the course and the Association is excellent. - Daniel

Every single session revealed some nugget of knowledge from the experts. - Nicola