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Please would you fill in your contact details, and complete the brief questionnaire below or download the pdf or Word document from the hyperlinks below and  email or post  the completed form to address below.

The course will be run on Saturday afternoons from March to September.

The 14 sessions are evenly spread out over the length of the course showing that there is an amount of time commitment required.  We may alter or change a few dates but those registered for the course will be notified

The Full Course will be structured into two sections;

A Introduction Course consisting of the first 5 sessions, costing   £70

A Main Course comprising the further 9 sessions, costing    £200 and this includes membership of the association and a copy of the Green Beekeeping Book.
(You can only take the Main Course if you’ve already done the Introduction Course)

We provide you with beekeeping overalls, veil, gloves etc, and you will have use of the Association’s bees, and equipment, so there is no need to purchase anything in order to do either the Introduction or Main Course.

The Introduction Course will give an overview of beekeeping, an opportunity to handle bees, and give you enough experience to decide if beekeeping is really for you.

The Main Course aims to give you enough knowledge, experience, and confidence to start beekeeping on your own.

We are not asking for any money at this stage, this is simply a registration of interest in the next year’s course.  We finalise the bookings in December or January.

If you prefer you can download a printable .pdf  here initial-registration-for-beginners-course, or an editable Word document here  initial-registration-for-beginners-course and send it to:-

Malcolm Wilkie
High Weald Beekeepers Association
9 Fermor Way
East Sussex TN6 3BD
United Kingdom

or email it to Malcolm at

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